Témoignage pour Babu Karani, de Christophe Lyonnet

 dans News Inde

Babu KaraniI remember one day of 2008 in Mumbai. We had been enjoying our visit in the city before leaving to Nashik. The journey was going well, always with smiles, it was no stress. Babu, he was constantly active, always attentive, always on the way running from one to the other, making everyone comfortable.
Later on we were at the Indo-French evening. Everybody was enjoying the meal, the friendship, the deep feeling to be just together for few days, each one living usually so far away from the other for the rest of the year, even the main part of his life. I was seeing the scene, and I was seeing Babu at the middle of the scene, in his thoughts. As far as I remember, he was just happy at this instant.

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