Témoignage d’une jeune voyageuse indienne – Mai 2014

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As I wait for my flight back home, the busy waiting area of the Heathrow airport grabs my attention. I glance around and observe the other travellers going around with their schedule. Business associates on their laptops, youngsters excited about their adventure ahead, kids looking at things around the shops and demanding from parents, tired travellers returning home asleep on the benches; I wonder what their story must be like. Every traveller has a story and so do I.

One month ago I left my home, my family and friends to go explore the world and make some new friends. Having been one of the most pampered child ever I knew it was going to be difficult. Doing things on my own with no one’s finger to hold, I was out of my protective shell for the first time ever. I was scared. I was slow and I fumbled but I knew I had to do it. The world that always had been revolving around me now had changed centres. I was new to this world.

Being a person who constantly requires love and attention I wondered if I’d get lonely and keep wanting to go home. In this one month I got a chance to meet so many new people and become a part of their family. Again I was scared. Will I ever be able to fit in.?! It’s funny how unnecessarily I worried. I never realised how easily people let me into their lives. Their warmth is so overwhelming. Gerard’s warm cup of coffee, maryse’s « Ananya wake up u r late! »,  Veronique’s vogue stories,  Simmone’s tarts and cakes, Josiane’s convertible, Sabin’s dining table talks, Eric uncle and Marianne aunty’s occidental music, Nishant’s « tubi, watch out..! »,  Abhishek for his upma and chai, sohan uncle’s « Ananya, Reshma it’s 2.. Go to bed. » Rayna’s and Dylan’s let’s go on the trampoline, Neelam aunty’s warm roties and all movie marathons with Shalini.. are some of the long list of my dearly cherished memories.

My words fail me as I make this attempt to thank all of you for making my trip the most wonderful and unforgettable trip ever. Thank you for all the warmth and pampering. Thank you for unseeing my mistakes and supporting me through my journey. I cherish each and every moment of this journey.

I came here as daddy’s spoilt darling daughter. But I’m going back as an even more spoilt, pampered and adored girl. Thank you for spoiling me and loving me so much. I never missed home and now I have so many homes in so many different places.

Lots and lots of love, hugs and kisses…

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