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Notre association a été ravie d’accueillir Santyananda Das et son épouse Hori pour un concert de musique baule de grande qualité, lors de leur tournée au Japon, en France et en Italie


Nous avons tous été « emportés par le vent » comme ces troubadours selon l’étymologie sanscrite de leur nom. Talentueux, accompagné par Hori, Santyananda a joué de tous les instruments traditionnels bauls. Parfois en véritable homme-orchestre, il jouait en même temps de l’ektara (instrument à une corde) avec sa main droite, du doggi (tambourin)avec la gauche. A ses chevilles, les grelots rythmaient la danse qu’il interprétait, inspirée de l’hindouisme et du soufisme, pendant que sa voix puissante chantait la liberté, la tolérance, l’amour

« The word love is good to hear    Unless the Lord of lust grabs it  Love cannot be if there is desire in the body…..


Satyananda Das is a Baul (Bengali: বাউল) singer, musician, dancer and composer from West Bengal, India. He is known for his rich repertoire of old baul songs, tradition-based improvisation, and dynamic-delicate dance. He has captivated audiences by his wide range voice, dulcet tunes and dynamic dance, and has caused ripples in the world of imaginative music.


He sings the Baul poems of many great predecessors and some poems of his own, in variety of unique melodies based on rich music tradition of Bengal. He has put melodies to many Bhaba Pagla’s lyrics also. Those songs have been loved and sung by many other singers as well.

His artistic expression along with his devotion to the spiritual-mystical abyss of Baul philosophy has been captivating the world audience and has caused ripples in the world of imaginative music. His soulful wide range melodious voice and blissful dulcet tunes has been reputed as « The Singing Voice of Soul » (« 魂の詩声 »).

He plays baul instruments -Ektara, Duggie and Ghungur mainly with his singing and dancing. He plays Anandalahari, Khonjori, Dotara, Shri khol, and Korotal also.

His initiator guru (dikshya guru) had been Sri Bhagaban Das and his spiritual teacher (sikshya guru, sannyas guru) had been Sri Krishnananda Goswami. Right from childhood, he had taken up the path of austere endeavor. He had many gurus of music also. His primary guru of BAUL music had been Sri Bhuban mohan Das. He had groomed up by foster mother Radharani Goswami.


Satyananda Das Baul & Hori Dasi(his accompanist, plays korotal) have been absorbed in searching for the universal soul (paramatma). Their « Chaitanya mantra » guru is Sri Haripada Goswami, who is a centenarian mentor and a perfect preceptor towards the « sadhana ».

The colorful cultural heritage of these immortal Bengali BAUL songs date back thousands of years into history. The singular objective of such arduous endeavor is to realize one’s own self, (through the preaching of a perfect guru), to visualize the human body as a sacred shrine. It is only then that knowledge of the universe infiltrates into the heart.

Satyananda has traveled across the length and breadth of India and abroad with his music since his young age. He performed before thousands of audiences in England (WOMAD Festival) and other European countries (Switzerland, Holland, France, etc.) with the fabulous world-renowned baul singer Paban Das Baul, several times in 90’s. In Germany (Festival of Sacred Music) he won the hearts of audiences on his visit there in 2003. Satyananda & Hori performed in Japan in 2004, 2007 (Baul Songs from Bengal), 2008 (Asian Festa in Tokyo, Namaste India in Tokyo), 2009 (World Music and Dance Festival in Hakodate, ECLIPSE 2009/Total solar eclipse music festival in Amami, Gifu Sangeet Mela, Diwali in Yokohama), 2010 (Asian Puja in Osaka, Namaste India in Nagoya, Oguni Connnect Fes, Bakugenjinmura Full Moon Festival), 2016 (Rabindra Tagor – Japan 100years anniversary Festival in Yokohama),  in South Korea in 2007, 2008 (Mime Festival, India Festival at Gwangju Indian Musiam), in India in 2006, 2008, 2009 (Nikhil Bharat Banga Sahitya Sammelan), 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 (Sangeet Mela in Kolkata) in 2014 (Maati Utsav). In 2010, they went to Australia and participated in Sydney Writers Festival, Nine Lives Concert at Sydney Opera House with Paban Das Baul. He has awarded ‘Lalon Samman’ at All Bangla Lalon Mela 2014. Satyananda & Hori did the Europe tour in 2014, 2015. In 2015, he performed at International Mother Language Day “Bhasha Utsav », Bangla Akademi, Kolkata. Satyananda has mesmerized the world audience with his deep melodious voice and kept the rich tradition of Bengali baul music alive.

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